Monday, December 14, 2015

Tonight's Board Meeting 12/14/15

Looking ahead to tonight's regular meeting of the Board:

We meet in the Mellon Building, 703 S. New St. (next to South Side Elementary School) at 5:30pm, with the Open Session beginning closer to 6:00pm. Members of the public are welcome to observe, and to address the Board (for up to 3 minutes) during the designated public comment period.

You can find tonight's agenda here. (Be sure to click on each agenda item to bring up additional information or description, including any attached documents.) Come hear about the Tap In Leadership Academy; learn the proposed dates for spring break 2017; examine the figures of our district's proposed 2015 tax levy; congratulate some award-winning students, staff, and schools.


Tonight's meeting is our only December meeting, and the last one of 2015. Together with my colleagues on the Board, I'd like to join with everyone in Unit 4 to wish our students and families a happy and healthy holiday season. As students grapple with exams and projects, as families attend winter performances and games, as teachers hear final presentations and generate grades, as social workers and interventionists and aides make sure everyone is equipped for the break, as administrators finish year-end reports, as maintenance staff plan tasks for when the buildings are empty, and as everyone plans for next semester... let's all resolve to thank someone in Unit 4 for their hard work.

See you in 2016!