Sunday, November 6, 2016

Video FAQs about the Referendum

It takes a village...

Thanks to the video production staff of the Matt Difanis Team at RE/MAX, who volunteered their time to help Unit 4 Board members create video answers to frequently asked questions about this Tuesday's facilities referendum. The 12 "bite-sized" videos can be seen on Unit 4's Vimeo channel; you can browse individual videos from the links that follow.

Please share with your friends and neighbors, and don't forget to vote November 8!


How did the Board of Education arrive at this plan?

Why is the Board using reserves to pay for the referendum?

What is the Board of Education's plan for the land purchased on Interstate Drive?

What kind of oversight measures will be in place so I know the Board of Education will use our tax money as promised?

How specifically will the money be used?

How has the Board been working to keep the community informed?

How much will the referendum impact my property taxes if it passes?

How were the funds from the 1% sales tax used and why can’t this revenue stream fund the projects included in the schools referendum?

What is the International Prep Academy (IPA) and why are improvements needed at that school?

Why is Centennial included in the referendum if it's newer than Central?

What does the referendum contain?

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