Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Building for the Future Update

An item that has periodically appeared on recent Board meeting agendas is Building for the Future Update, in which the Board (and by extension -- the public) learns about the work that is happening to prepare for major construction at 6 of our buildings.

Before last November's building referendum, it was the Board of Education that was mobilizing the community -- through its Tier Two committee and through other outreach and events -- to reach a public consensus on how Unit 4 might overcome its facility shortcomings. In this post-referendum era, the facilities workload has now shifted to the District's administration and staff. That's an important distinction to understand.

As the newly elected Board members learned at our May 1 Retreat, an effective Board stays up in the metaphorical balcony, getting an overview of the entire dance floor but not participating in the dancing. We employ exactly one person -- our superintendent -- who delegates authority according to district policy to make the whole dance run effectively and affordably. Now we can return to our balcony seats as the Unit 4 construction projects are set in motion according to the following multi-year master timeline. Future referendum-related news will be posted in Building for the Future, linked to Unit 4's homepage.

For the most current information, I encourage you to watch the 10-minute update given by Mr. Tom Lockman and Dr. Laura Taylor at Monday's Board meeting (from approximately 36:32 until 47:15). As Mr. Lockman said, "The community has put a lot of faith in the District... and we want to make sure we're delivering on that."


We wish teachers and students a productive and successful end to this school year, as we celebrate many accomplishments and achievements!


Next meeting of the School Board: Monday, May 22, 2017

We meet in the Mellon Building, 703 S. New St. (next to South Side Elementary School) at 5:30pm, with the Open Session beginning closer to 6:00pm. Members of the public are welcome to observe, and to address the Board (for up to 3 minutes) during the designated public comment period.

You can find the meeting agenda here on BoardDocs by navigating to the "Meetings" tab, clicking on the meeting date, and then clicking "View the Agenda." (Be sure to click on each agenda item to bring up additional information or description, including any attached documents.)

The schedule of Board meetings is available here; meeting minutes are posted here (once they are approved at a later meeting); and meeting videos can be viewed here.

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